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In today’s world, data plays a crucial role for businesses across all sectors.

As such, effective and compliant data management is a vital issue for companies seeking to operate efficiently and securely. However, with a myriad of business environments and contexts, how can you build and roll-out a single solution that gives your decision makers full data-confidence? The truth is, you can’t, but we can.

At ByzGen, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data management and that’s why our experts continually strive to find unique solutions to the challenges our clients face. ByzGen puts you back in the driving seat, where you belong, helping you to secure and manage your business data in a way that saves time and money.

We offer two kinds of service

1. API system interface: We are proud of our flexible and configurable API. If you’re looking for a simple, easy to implement, secure solution to your data management challenges then this is it.

2. Bespoke end-to end systems: Every business is different and if you have more complex data management challenges we will design, build and deploy a network that’s tailored to your business’ exact requirements

We pride ourselves on working to meet your business needs

We understand that introducing new systems into your business can be a challenging undertaking that requires a significant time investment. That is why we work hand-in-hand with our customers to design, build and roll-out a solution that solves your business challenges and also suits the operational needs of the business.

Our technology integrates seamlessly into any commercial workflow, focusing on two principal areas.

Tracking and tracing of hard assets

Secure storage and tracking of digital assets

Our technology can increase efficiency and reduce cost, no-matter your sector

Banking and Finance

Streamline and safeguard every single transaction, from money transfers to customer data


Make evidence tampering completely impossible, so no information can be interfered with


Identification records can be stored, tracked and only accessed by the people with permission to do so


Sensitive medical data can be secure, controlled, and accessible to those who need it


Know the where, when and how of everything across your distribution network, ensuring that you and your customers have complete trust in every stage of the supply chain


Track, verify ownership, and ensure the accurate transfer of property deeds