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Harnessing the power of Skipchain

At ByzGen, we develop, design and deploy the most advanced blockchain systems across the defence and security sector. Our technology is underpinned by the power of Skipchain technology, enabling us to provide our defence and security customers with a system that can secure and verify remote assets.


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2017 the year of blockchain
Press Release: ByzGen secures investment from RFS to aid business expansion


At ByzGen, we deliver state-of-the-art blockchain solutions to the defence and security sector. Our systems are built to implement seamlessly with an organisation’s current infrastructure, and we work within two discrete areas:

1. Tracking and tracing of hard assets

2. Secure storage and tracking of digital assets

Together, this enables us to effectively address the complete data requirements of our defence and security customers.


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Offline and peer-to-peer

Verification that is unconstrained by existing network boundaries

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Hard Assets

Skipchain brings blockchain technology to real world devices

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Digital Assets

Provenance assurance and secure asset digitisation

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Information management

Securely store data without requiring centralised ownership