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Blockchain in defence and security

Cyber threats are a critical and consistent issue in the defence sector. Military organisations constantly battle threats from hacking to data manipulation. In light of this heightened security situation, current security protocols and databases are no longer fit for purpose. The cyber landscape has exposed the inherent vulnerabilities in legacy information management systems.

In response, defence companies are now investing in blockchain systems. This disruptive technology represents the next generational leap in information security and assurance. With a decentralised system facilitated by a blockchain, defence and security organisations can ensure their highly sensitive data is secure and that information integrity is always protected.

Supply chain transparency

Supply chain management is a complex process and provides logistical challenges for military and defence organisations. Transparency and traceability are crucial in ensuring supply chains systems remain robust and reliable.

Blockchain technology reduces and eliminates errors and fraud in defence contracts. It can track the sales transactions of weapons more effectively than a centralised system. It strengthens the accuracy of inventory management within a supply chain and ultimately builds trust between customers and suppliers.

Information confidence & assurance

Effectively tracking information and trusting data sources are key in the defence sector. Military personnel make important, sometimes ‘life or death’ decisions based on the information they receive. With the power of blockchain technology, defence organisations can confidently make decisions based on improved data and information confidence. Blockchain systems enable data inputs to be added to a single, distributed ledger, significantly reducing the risk of error and improving the efficiency of data capture and data source reliability.

Securing and verifying remote assets

Managing remote assets is a significant responsibility for defence and security organisations. Logging the movement or use of military assets, through various stages in an engagement process, will be more secure when done using blockchain technology.

Utilising the capabilities of our Skipchain framework, ByzGen’s blockchain systems are capable of operating offline and can authenticate data using just a partial blockchain, enabling efficient and faster management of offline and online assets.

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