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Game-changing technology

In an era where transparency and security of information is expected, blockchain technology represents the next step forward in the industrial revolution. Blockchains securely store transaction records in multiple locations with no central ownership. This self-auditing ecosystem enables selected groups of people to validate, record and track transactions across a network of decentralised computer systems. With blockchain technology, data is transparent and secure, as well as incorruptible.

Why ByzGen


We originally envisaged ByzGen providing a solution to the challenges defence organisations face when storing and retrieving secure information between controlled user groups. Advancements in our Blockchain technology mean that in addition to secure information storage and management, we create transparency in complex supply chains and provide provenance assurance through asset digitisation.

The power of Skipchain – Cutting-edge blockchain technology

Our ByzGen system is powered by a next-generation blockchain fabric called Skipchain, enabling our technology to support offline and peer-to-peer verification. With this functionality, we are in a unique position to deliver all the benefits of blockchain, combined with the ability to support networks containing low power and low memory devices that operate offline.

We have undertaken over two years of development that leverages academic research carried out by Warwick University and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), world leaders in disruptive technology. To ensure our blockchain fabric remains cutting-edge, we remain in partnership with EPFL.

Built for Defence and Security Users

The ByzGen system has been designed and built with defence and security users in mind. Our front-end user interface is intuitive and bespoke. We believe the user experience is one of evolution, not revolution.

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