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Introducing Falkor 

A platform to enable DLT backed secure data management and exchange solutions 

To read further about the technology behind Falkor please download our keystone whitepaper that is available here

ByzGen have created a variety of bespoke DLT data security products across numerous sectors including defence, manufacturing, and insurance. The products were designed to secure and assure the user’s most valuable data types within discreet business processes and data flows. 

ByzGen have assimilated the lessons learned from these projects with the perceived industry challenges associated with adopting DLT; and created a fully configurable backend platform that is designed to easily integrate with existing systems and processes.  The platform, called Falkor, is now live and Enterprise ready.

To date, the majority of DLT solution providers have focused on the Financial Service’s Crypto-currency sector; ByzGen have chosen to focus entirely on the data-driven Enterprise market.

Falkor leverages the benefits of private distributed ledger (replacing crypto currencies and tokens with business-critical data) using APIs and sector-leading security protocols to deliver a unique Trusted Data Exchange and Golden Record capability.  The platform enables companies and organisations that have a critical need to exchange, secure and control their most sensitive and commercially valuable data with each other; inter alia design IP, trials and test data, AI/ML algorithms and digital assets/value.

This Whitepaper represents 3 years of product development and focuses on the overarching capabilities and functions of the Falkor platform. A series of Technical Briefing Papers have also been written, which complement this Whitepaper. Each Technical Briefing Paper is anchored by a real-world challenge that ByzGen have first-hand experience in helping to solve. As ByzGen deploy our platform to address new challenges, more Technical Briefing Papers will be released.