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Our technology was originally developed as a solution to data management challenges within the defence and security sectors. Therefore, security is at the forefront of our minds at all times and is built-in to our product and service.

Built on our own blockchain, ByzGen’s technology makes outside interference all but impossible, tracking every interaction from the moment your data enters the system. Our technology injects trust into the supply chain ensuring that processes and business practices are adhered to and quality is assured through a single source of truth.

With business data protected at every point in the chain of custody, you can be safe in the knowledge that your all your business decisions are based on clean, accurate information.

The power of technology and academia

We have built our technology with the world-renowned software experts at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), regarded as Europe’s answer to MIT.

Our ongoing partnership with the Decentralized and Distributed Systems lab (DEDIS), which includes software development cooperation and embedding the institution’s research capability within the company, enables our technology solutions to benefit from top class academic insight.

The technical details

Most blockchain-based infrastructures struggle to scale to the demands and business data security required, but our solution is different. Our custom-built technology puts permissions, verification and security in your hands via:

● The Consensus group approach: Our technology employs a smaller network of pre-trusted nodes called a consensus group. This allows us to generate signatures that are unique to each deployment, adding that extra level of security
● An additional cryptographic layer: We add an additional layer on top of your business’ existing processes. This means that you have control of logins, access and assets such as documents, whilst keeping the user-facing technology unchanged
● Built-in permissions: Permissions awareness is built into our technology, so as well as storing the keys needed to access assets, it can release them if the request is valid and the requester has the correct permissions
● Taking offline challenges in our stride: Most solutions require online access, which can pose as a significant problem if you’re a travelling professional, rural business or working in crisis regions. Our solution allows you to store and access the chain without connectivity