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Even with all its benefits, blockchain is seen to some as a high risk and disruptive technology. Introducing and then integrating blockchain systems into defence and security organisations’ existing networks can place undue strain on their operational resources.

At ByzGen, our methodology for blockchain implementation (Test & Assure and Implement) is built around our belief in think big, start small, scale quickly.

At each stage of the process we prioritise risk identification, risk reduction and benefits realisation.

Stage 1

Test & Assure

Proof of concept 

4 – 8 Weeks 

We work closely with our defence and security customers to build their desired working prototype with agreed user requirements. This prototype is tested in a synthetic environment using non-live data to assess the viability of the must have components.


8- 12 weeks

After we have tested the prototype and its viability has been proven, a fully-functional system is then deployed. We do this in a discrete, bounded part of our customers network to minimise disruption.

We use live data to ensure working integration with our customers’ external systems, networks and hardware. At this stage, we aim to prove the functionality and benefit of the system with our customers’ external systems.

Stage 2



8 – 12 weeks

The next step is our roll-out phase which involves scaling the system we have developed to span our customers’ full network. We also complete data tests using real data sources and establish a temporary ops/data centre to prepare for transition to the new blockchain system.


12 – 20 weeks

At this point, the system is almost at Full Operational Capability (FOC). We deploy a dedicated implementation team to train users and finalise the transition plan. The system is configured for full integration and scalability, alongside the launch of an all-encompassing support package.

Within 20 weeks, the blockchain system will be at full operational capacity, with all of our customers’ user requirements delivered.

Our support package goes live, and we hand over the blockchain system from the implementation team to our customers. We still work closely with our customers to ensure our blockchain systems continues to effectively deliver their requirements.

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