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Our Work

In June 2018, ByzGen completed a three-month Ministry of Defence commissioned prototype system build to support an end-to-end security vetting proof of concept. Partnered with ATOS, the proof of concept successfully proved the key benefits that a DLT-based data management system could realistic deliver, including:

Assured data and interaction provenance.

Data immutability and real-time auditability.

Network scalability

Transparency and accountability; forcing ‘trust’ across an inherently fragmented network.

Process and procedure simplification, including automation of third-party data retrieval.

The potential to reduce operational costs; both in back-office overheads and in application process delivery time reduction.


From August 2018 ByzGen has worked with Covata to integrate our technology into Covata’s existing data security platform to deliver extended capability to their partners and clients. The capability will further support the platform’s ability for secure data sharing and collaboration by allowing it to achieve the following;

Assured data and interaction provenance

Data immutability and real-time auditability; and

Simplified processes and procedures and reduced operating costs