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Our Work

Ministry of Defence

The problem:

Security vetting within the defence and security sector is currently a labour-intensive and paper-based exercise, fraught with inefficiency and data risk.

Our solution:

In June 2018, ByzGen completed a three-month Ministry of Defence commissioned prototype system build to support an end-to-end security vetting proof of concept. Partnered with ATOS, the proof of concept successfully proved the key benefits that a DLT-based data management system could realistic deliver, including:

  • Assured data and interaction provenance.
  • Data immutability and real-time auditability.
  • Network scalability.
  • Transparency and accountability; forcing ‘trust’ across an inherently fragmented network.
  • Process and procedure simplification, including automation of third-party data retrieval.
  • The potential to reduce operational costs; both in back-office overheads and in application process delivery time reduction.